Lecture Outline

  • From Tradition
    • Reintegration of veterans in the home
      • Nuclear Family
      • Clear Cut Gender Roles
      • Early Marriage
      • Low Rates of Divorce
    • Homophobia
      • Sodomy Laws
      • Classification as a mental illness
      • Executive Order 10450
    • Anti-Miscegenation Laws
    • Media: Flintstones and I Love Lucy
  • To Revolution
    • Loving v. Virginia
      • Rise of interracial marriage
    • The New Left
      • Stonewall Riots
      • Gay Liberation front
    • Shift of Marriage for the purpose of childrearing to Love
    • The Pill
      • Increase of sexual promiscuity
      • Older mothers
    • “Free Love”
      • Sexual experimentation
    • Media: The Jeffersons, Star Trek, and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
      Did the media shape cultural attitudes or vice-versa?
  • Now
    • Rise of Divorce
    • Hook-up culture
    • Tolerance
    • Media: Friends, Sex and the City, Modern Family, Transparent

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