Loving v. Virginia as a Civil Rights Decision,” Dorothy E. Roberts

The Evolving Role of Marriage: 1950-2010,” by Shelly Lundberg and Robert A. Pollak

Interracial Love on Television: What’s Taboo Still and What’s Not,” Sharon Bramlett-Solomon 

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For the full “quiz”:

And the corresponding quiz for husbands:

Review Questions

1. Name at least three ways in which patterns or trends of marriage have changed over the last 50 years. Who gets married now? When? What was the trend 50 years ago? Which trends or norms have become more strongly enforced? Weaker?

2. What is the role of Loving v. Virginia in marriage trends? In your opinion, has it actually changed how we as a culture see marriage? Do Supreme Court decisions like this tend to actually cause progress in America? If not, then what does?

3. What were some of the groundbreaking TV moments in regards to interracial couples? Which do you think were the most important? Do you think their legacies still stand today? Meaning, do you see interracial couples in the shows you watch? If not, why do you think that is?

4. Which do you think has become more representative of actual society’s marriage and dating demographics, styles, and trends–Television or films? Why?




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